...on our cosy family campsite!

Who we are

We are Rembrandt and Annelie, a passionate, enthusiastic couple with two children. Our roots are from the ‘Green Heart’ in the Netherlands. Not far from the biggest cities. 🙂

Entrepreneurship is our passion! In the end of 2007 took we over Yxningens Camping. A couple of years did we work together but now do we work together with our team of fantastic colleagues from both Sweden and the Netherlands. Since 2010 do we manage a couple of holiday houses close to Yxningens Camping and since 2015 do we run a second camp-site, Grännäs Camping & Stugby in Valdemarsvik. Rembrandt has nevertheless an IT company since 2004.

We think it is fantastic to live our dream in Sweden and we hope that we can stay many many more years. In the winter are we a little by ourselves and in the summer do we all we can do to give our guests a wonderful time. A perfect combination! Just now do we build a new reception building on Yxningens Camping. We try to do as much as possible by ourselves. It takes a lot of time but nothing is more fun!

At home we take care of our ponies, cats and chickens together with our two boys. Annelie is further more bee-keeper and sells honey on both camp-sites and a couple of (Christmas) markets. In short… To wait and see is nothing for us. But in the winter do we in the evening like to look at a good TV serie or movie.

Warmest greetings,
Rembrandt, Annelie, Matthias and Niklas

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