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On our peaceful campsite you just can “be”: Enjoy the atmosphere of camp life in an extraordinary beautiful nature. Read a book,…. Just know,.. That this is the moment it is not necessary that you ‘have’ to do something! There is a  safe surrounding playground with the populair trampoline. Children can go there by their selfs and play with other children. Enjoy when while your children enjoy their self….!

If you or the children wants to explore a little more, then there a many possibilities. Thirst of all you can think is the beautiful lake Yxningen! We rent out motorboats, rowing boats and canoes. You can also take one with you and rent a boat place right in front of the tent! (if available). An amazing experience is a picnic on one of the so many inhabited islands on the lake! Or what about fishing!? Will they bite? There are any different kind of fish in the lake to find. Directly at the campsite we have Yxningens bathing place. There are exciting scaffolds and a jumping tower! New for this year is the kiosk at the beach! Icecream, coffee, hotdogs,… everything directly there!

Or what about a sauna visit? And after that a jump in the refreshing water and grilling some sausages above a fire. Then the party is complete! Depending of the season you can find strawberries (smultron), berries of chanterelles.  An exciting experience for everyone!

What about a fishing adventure?


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